It Was You

So it was you right?It was you all these while

That has gotten my heart to flights

You’ve made the sparks fly

I’ve been searching for my lost heart

Just to see you were the one now

How did you do the disguise?

Why was it hidden all this while?

My heart beats for someone alive

But to me, yet she’s not around

Oh! How awkward it sounds

What I’ve been looking for these while

Was right here in my very eyes

Well hidden out of my sight

Dear friend!

That’s what you were to me

Can’t believe I’ve been blinded to this

So, it was you

Yet I couldn’t see

Oh! My heart bleeds

To see your lovely body

Lowered into this gory golden coffin

Friend; I’m so sorry

Love; Forgive me!


When Love Wanders

When Love wanders
The heart ponders
When victory is lost
The heart’s zeal is lost

When heart ponders
The body weary it becomes
When heart’s zeal is lost
The body weary it becomes

Why do you leave me here my Love?
know you not for you my heart longs?
Thou hast wander far away from me
And thou hast made me a man without zeal

For my heart longs
and my spirit calls
And at the Clarion’s call
The patriot runs.


Silently, I sat outside the shop
That shop that hosts us all boys
Where we sit and sip our malt
And discuss the girls on tour

Was I not silently on my own?
No! Maybe I was with my friends
But I definitely was lost in my zone
Constantly being drawn out by my friends

And then I was drown out of my thoughts
By my friend who thought they saw
Another one of the girls on tour
That could fuel it, the fire of our talks

I looked to see the new ‘talk’
Instead I saw a princess
Breaking free from my thoughts,
I felt my heart reach out at length

My friends caught my gaze
Fixated on this startling new ‘babe’
I stared on as you walk by
“This angel…” I thought “…would pass me by?”

She’s bello or bae?
This girl is bae!
I said in reply to their quest
She should be mine; the best

But thence came good old fear
And I watch the angel go far from my reach
I felt my heart, already bleeding from defeat
“This angel…” I thought “…will leave me here?”

You such a coward
My friend’s jest
Don’t be a coward
My heart said

I took a deep breath
Reach into my heart’s depth
There and then I took my greatest step
Here we are; I’m happy our paths met!


Then I begin to wonder
Why do we keep living on yesterday
When looking up yonder
There is so much for us today
When there is a lot of work
That needs the concentration of our workforce

I know we learn from yesterday
But that should not get us stocked today
I think it should help us start up today
Nay! It shouldn’t cause us delay

Then I begin to wonder
Why do people hold on to the past
When vividly their progress is held back
Why do we keep on living on yesterday
When it posits a great danger to today
Maybe we forgot, after the night comes the day

I know there are lessons in the happenings
Of yesterday. But what will happen
If we learn our lessons and let go
Is that we’ll have a better tomorrow

So, while we learn from yesterday
We never should neglect today
For when our today is full of glory
We must work to avoid from tomorrow
Mischieves and events that are gory
Then we’ll be sure of a good morrow!


The fear of freedom
To me is the beginning of wisdom
It’s fact! I can say all
But means not I should talk much
For; talk less, say more
Is the understanding of freedom

It’s my right to say as much
As creeps into my thoughts
It’s wisdom to keep to myself
The words that pose danger to my health
For it is said, freedom of speech is sure
Safety after speech?, I doubt if it’s sure

Yes! I’m protected by the law
And my people, I own their love
I cherish so much, their support
But sure, when worse comes to worst
We focus first on what makes us hurt
Before we lend our brother our support

So when I speak my thoughts
The truth it will be for sure
But I know I need not say them all
For, for the wise a word is enough!
For, from him who says much
We expect so much more.


This poem I’m writing
I’m writing it for maami
That woman is mighty
Nobody is as virtuous as maami
Yoruba refer to her as ‘Abiyamo’
Maami; indeed you are more

L’owuro; maami is readily up
Already fending for us
Even right before the break of dawn
Yet before the crow of the cock
Yoruba call her ‘Abiyamo’
Maami; indeed you are more

When the days are cold
She covered me with her cloak
She cared less about her own
As long as I’m healthy and whole
Abiyamo; where do I start your story
Maami; precious to me you are as gold


The legend of a brother;
Here to take away your sorrows
To wipe away your tears
To love and to care

The legend of a brother;
Be it the dusk or the dawn
His feets he puts hard on the ground
As he pulls your from your fall

The legend of a brother;
From miles away you call
With swiftness he responds
As he rescues you from your distress point

The legend of a brother;
A shoulder for you when you are weak
A provider when you are in need
A lover; in spite of your deeds


Abike was mine; wholly and solely
Until Prince charming came around; in all his glory
Flashing like Don Quixote; on the day of glory
The knight is here; the end of the story

Under this tree I sit alone;
Together we sat three days ago
Professing our love as pure as gold
Bonding our hearts, our minds and soul
Abike was mine;wholly and solely
Until Prince charming came around; in all his glory

This road I tread in solitude
Here we walked in lovely two’s
Singing to each other lovely tunes
Telling ourselves, that our world we’ll jointly rule
Abike was mine; wholly and solely
Until Prince charming came around; in all his glory

Prince charming has taken away my love
Prince charming has taken away my love
Would I do nothing at all?
With Abike I’m in love
To Prince charming Abike gave her love
Abike was mine; wholly and solely
Until Prince charming came around; to steal my only