Silently, I sat outside the shop
That shop that hosts us all boys
Where we sit and sip our malt
And discuss the girls on tour

Was I not silently on my own?
No! Maybe I was with my friends
But I definitely was lost in my zone
Constantly being drawn out by my friends

And then I was drown out of my thoughts
By my friend who thought they saw
Another one of the girls on tour
That could fuel it, the fire of our talks

I looked to see the new ‘talk’
Instead I saw a princess
Breaking free from my thoughts,
I felt my heart reach out at length

My friends caught my gaze
Fixated on this startling new ‘babe’
I stared on as you walk by
“This angel…” I thought “…would pass me by?”

She’s bello or bae?
This girl is bae!
I said in reply to their quest
She should be mine; the best

But thence came good old fear
And I watch the angel go far from my reach
I felt my heart, already bleeding from defeat
“This angel…” I thought “…will leave me here?”

You such a coward
My friend’s jest
Don’t be a coward
My heart said

I took a deep breath
Reach into my heart’s depth
There and then I took my greatest step
Here we are; I’m happy our paths met!


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