The fear of freedom
To me is the beginning of wisdom
It’s fact! I can say all
But means not I should talk much
For; talk less, say more
Is the understanding of freedom

It’s my right to say as much
As creeps into my thoughts
It’s wisdom to keep to myself
The words that pose danger to my health
For it is said, freedom of speech is sure
Safety after speech?, I doubt if it’s sure

Yes! I’m protected by the law
And my people, I own their love
I cherish so much, their support
But sure, when worse comes to worst
We focus first on what makes us hurt
Before we lend our brother our support

So when I speak my thoughts
The truth it will be for sure
But I know I need not say them all
For, for the wise a word is enough!
For, from him who says much
We expect so much more.


Say your mind

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