When Love Wanders

When Love wanders
The heart ponders
When victory is lost
The heart’s zeal is lost

When heart ponders
The body weary it becomes
When heart’s zeal is lost
The body weary it becomes

Why do you leave me here my Love?
know you not for you my heart longs?
Thou hast wander far away from me
And thou hast made me a man without zeal

For my heart longs
and my spirit calls
And at the Clarion’s call
The patriot runs.


Silently, I sat outside the shop
That shop that hosts us all boys
Where we sit and sip our malt
And discuss the girls on tour

Was I not silently on my own?
No! Maybe I was with my friends
But I definitely was lost in my zone
Constantly being drawn out by my friends

And then I was drown out of my thoughts
By my friend who thought they saw
Another one of the girls on tour
That could fuel it, the fire of our talks

I looked to see the new ‘talk’
Instead I saw a princess
Breaking free from my thoughts,
I felt my heart reach out at length

My friends caught my gaze
Fixated on this startling new ‘babe’
I stared on as you walk by
“This angel…” I thought “…would pass me by?”

She’s bello or bae?
This girl is bae!
I said in reply to their quest
She should be mine; the best

But thence came good old fear
And I watch the angel go far from my reach
I felt my heart, already bleeding from defeat
“This angel…” I thought “…will leave me here?”

You such a coward
My friend’s jest
Don’t be a coward
My heart said

I took a deep breath
Reach into my heart’s depth
There and then I took my greatest step
Here we are; I’m happy our paths met!


The fear of freedom
To me is the beginning of wisdom
It’s fact! I can say all
But means not I should talk much
For; talk less, say more
Is the understanding of freedom

It’s my right to say as much
As creeps into my thoughts
It’s wisdom to keep to myself
The words that pose danger to my health
For it is said, freedom of speech is sure
Safety after speech?, I doubt if it’s sure

Yes! I’m protected by the law
And my people, I own their love
I cherish so much, their support
But sure, when worse comes to worst
We focus first on what makes us hurt
Before we lend our brother our support

So when I speak my thoughts
The truth it will be for sure
But I know I need not say them all
For, for the wise a word is enough!
For, from him who says much
We expect so much more.


Adunni Iko, omo eleni ewele
You are the lovely daughter of Apeke
The central beauty of the town of Eke
You beauty has travelled even to Jeje
The home of that rich man called Agbede
Every young man of this village
Their eyes on you is laid
wishing theirs you could be for days
Adunni Iko; omo eleni ewele
Ma ma f’ayo fo; like the proverbial Akoko bird
Akoko! The great pecker
Became proud for her uncommon ability
And promising to do what she can not do
Akoko the great woodpecker
Wanted to peck a tomb out of a rock
Only to fall into a very deep remorse
stronger than the wood surely is the rock
Adunni Iko; omo eleni ewele
A beautiful woman is the pride of the man
You are loved Adunni; ma f’ayo fo o.


I silently walked the length
And the breadth of my place of rest
I keep pondering and asking myself
Am I really the head?
Do I have a birthright to protect?

I’ve loved a woman for years
She’s the breadwinner but I’m the head
Or; so I’ve always thought. Well!
But suddenly she became a pest
Always picking up fights; calling me a jerk!

But do I actually have a choice?
When was the last time I put food in the pot?
When was the last time I bought things for the boys?
When last did I take the girls out for lunch?
When last did I put money into her purse?

I think, oh! I’m sure she’s the head
No birthright at all for me to protect
A jobless man is bound to be useless
And she’s right! I’m very much a Jerk
And I don’t have a say for now
My voice comes when I’m back on track!
My voice


Tunde dropped the phone and quickly packed his baggages. He had just finished calling his mother to inform her that he’s written his final paper for the semester and that he is coming home immediately. At the bus stand, Tunde met other students going home in different destinations. He boarded a bus which filled up in no time and left the bus park. As the bus started on the journey the students started interacting and relishing their experiences in school when the driver suddenly changed direction due to a blockade ahead and announced that there will be an increase in the fare due to the change of route. At this the students began arguing with the driver and ordered him to stop the bus. Not long another bus full of angry students joined them and fuel the argument making it more tense. The students were not ready to pay any extra charges while the drivers were bent on collecting additional fares to make up for the change in direction. In the heat of the argument, the driver of the bus which Tunde boarded silently sneaked into his bus and drove off at top speed. He made away with the student’s load and this made his passenger disheartened. When Tunde got home, he narrated the story to his mother who consoled him but Tunde made it clear to her that his clothes, books and credentials were in the runaway bus and could create a problem for him.
For days, Tunde was in deep thought imagining different things that could arise as a result of the incidence. Two weeks after the incidence, Tunde’s mother suddenly called him to the sitting room. He ran into the sitting room wondering what made his mother call him with such alarm to meet his mother sitting before the TV set listening to the news. Then he heard the news and discovered the reason for the excitement in his mother’s tone. The driver was intecepted by the police and he confessed after serious probing and narrated the incidence between him and his student passenger on the day. A happy smile spread accross Tunde’s face, There is hope a least, he could still recover his luggages

You Sent Me On A Journey

You sent on a journey
A journey without no ending
You gave me a work- a job!
To go and to never return
Why are you so surprised to see me return?
Infact what did you take me for?
Well! If you are looking for your son
I’ve sent him your message on your behalf!

Why did you burst into tears?
Is it so sure that he’ll die there?
Are you afraid of loosing your heir?
Oh! You’ve forgotten I’m someone else’s heir
Or what do you see me as?
Omo Alainiran?
Well! Let me say a prayer
Your son will come back into you arms
And you can say amen to the prayer
Be he dead or alive!


Behold our beautiful sister
As she is been laid into the grave
An arrogant creature she is
Beautiful and stubborn lady
Killing all the men with her ‘hot body’
Destroying homes of men-promiscious ones
Stealing happiness from happy homes
Killing the peace in peaceful homes
Building Mansions and possesing possesions
I’m trying to recount
The number of men she killed
Draining them slowly and steadily
Of their possesions and potentials
And leaving them to die
A miserable death in the hands of fate
Now she’s gotten a taste of her potion
As she travels beyond the oceans
At such a tender age?!
What a sunset at midday!


On the seasand I’ll write
The hurt u caused me
So it’ll be washed away
By the current of the seawaves
On a solid rock I’ll write
The smiles you brought to my face
So it’ll be remembered
Even till the end of the world
On stars I’ll write
Your beautiful and soothing name
So the world will know
just how much you mean to me
In happiness I’ll never forget you
I’ll be around in your trying times
Before you offend, I’ll forgive
Even when you’re fed up, I’ll keep up
And though you hate, I’ll still love


What is the essence of the night if there’s no day?
What is the essence of the pain if there’s no gain?
What is the essence of the job when there’s no pay?
How dull will the work be if there’s no play?
When will the cock crow if there’s no daybreak?

When will the sun shine for us to make hay?
What do we need to make the day great?
How do we do it the right way?
How do we make up for a bad day?
How can I correct them in a nice way?

I have a lot of questions
Do I really have an option?
Do I get to choose my destination?
What really is my portion?
How do I navigate, how do I get direction?

When will the world end?
Where will I go after I’m dead?
A lot of thoughts racing in my head!
A lot of questions yet to be addressed!
Not quite sure if there are answers to them
But still I have to part with them
For it’s burning my heart and aching my head!
These are my questions! Lots more that can’t be said!